Job title: Research Officer - Catchment Care Programme
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Agriculture Fishing and Forestry
Expertise: Aquaculture & Fisheries
Location: Ireland
Job published: 21/11/2019
Job ID: 32109

Job Description

Our client is the state agency responsible for the protection, management and conservation of Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling resources. Our client is a partner in the INTERREG VA Catchment CARE project, administered by SEUPB and led by Donegal Co. Co. The project is a cross-border one examining ecological quality of water (sensu Water Framework Directive-WFD) focusing on three catchments. To date, scoping of hydromorphology issues and locations has been undertaken and the project is now entering the catchment actions stage, where appropriate measures will be undertaken in locations to address instream and riparian scenarios with a view to improving the ecological quality of the relevant waterbody.

The appointee to this role will work with Catchment Project Officers in the Arney and Blackwater in the planning and execution of management interventions, participate in community awareness, education and networking with stakeholders. The appointee will work with the other project partners to achieve successful implementation of the range of tasks within the project.

This is a front-line leadership role requiring excellent project management, communication and networking skills. The successful candidate will also have academic and practical experience of working in riverine scenarios in the context of instream interventions, erosion management and barrier mitigation measures.


  • Day to day delivery of the Project under the supervision of the Senior Research Officer or other line manager as deemed necessary.
  • Liaise closely with the Senior Research Officer and supervise staff allocated to the project.
  • Work independently in the field and with the support of staff and of other project staff when required.
  • Identification of site-specific remedial measures, consistent with the hydromorphology of the receiving waterbody, and plan for all stages of works to be undertaken.
  • Project-manage all aspects of works Implementation at selected sites, to cover permissions and consents, specification of works and materials, tendering, contract award and oversight of works implementation.
  • Implementation of monitoring programme to assess level of success of various instream and riparian measures implemented, to include pre- and post- works assessments.
  • Work with relevant state agencies in NI and RoI to develop environmental protocols for riparian and instream measures that could be implemented during routine statutory channel maintenance work.
  • Data processing and compile reports to support the research.


  • Circa 5 years experience in working at a professional level in relevant area.
  • Project management experience – personnel; funds; tendering; work flows; timelines.
  • Demonstrable ‘cross-over’ skills in interface area of river ecology/hydromorphology/civil engineering.
  • Demonstrable experience in data processing and analysis and in use of statistical packages.
  • Demonstrable experience of a high level of proficiency with GIS- and database software.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, with the team and external agencies.
  • Ability to work as part of a team e.g. punctuality, flexible approach to duties.
  • Commitment and self-motivation.
  • Demonstrable self-motivation and flexibility.
  • Demonstrable presentation skills, development and delivery of training.
  • Demonstrable capacity to network with personnel in other public authorities and the voluntary sector.
  • Demonstrable experience in report writing, scientific writing for peer-review journals etc.
  • Full driving licence valid in the state.

Considerable travelling and residing in locations across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, whilst planning and overseeing site works and conducting field work in all weather conditions.


Research Officer - Catchment Care Programme