Job title: Research Officer – Environmental River Enhancement Programme
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Agriculture Fishing and Forestry
Expertise: Aquaculture & Fisheries
Location: Ireland
Job published: 21/11/2019
Job ID: 32107

Job Description

This is a front-line leadership role, and the successful candidate will have demonstrated excellence in networking and communication skills as well as excellence in planning and execution of applied scientific studies in field situations. The successful candidate will have academic and practical experience of fluvial geomorphology and aquatic ecology.



  • Day to day delivery of the Project under the supervision of the Senior Research Officer.
  • Liaise closely with the Senior Research Officer and supervise staff allocated to the Project.
  • Work independently in the field and with the support of client staff and of other project staff when required.
  • Contribute to and oversee the development of all core elements of the programme (admin, desk, field).
  • Work with Senior Research officer to develop a comprehensive programme of field surveys in line with available resources and In the context of EU Directives (Habitats and Water Framework).
  • Support prioritisation of habitats and scenarios where OPW works may facilitate the improvement of Ecological Quality Ratios (EQRs) for fish and habitat.
  • Contribute to the development of appropriate mitigation strategies for implementation in OPW’ maintenance work.
  • Support production of guidance documents on mitigation options and best practise for channel maintenance/biodiversity.
  • Contribute to applied studies supporting proposed works to be undertaken during 5-year programme period, examining hydromorphology options to facilitate the improvement of channel EQR scores to ‘good’ status.
  • Oversee database storage of fisheries and habitat material (archival and new) for the purpose of interrogation and prioritising fisheries and habitat management.
  • Identification of appropriate monitoring strategies to assess water body status for Water Framework Directive (WFD) quality elements, primarily for fish and hydromorphology.
  • Implementation of monitoring programme to assess the level of success of various instream and riparian measures implemented, to include pre- and post- works assessments.
  • Review all literature and existing data sets in relation to the programme.
  • Compile reports to support the research carried out.
  • Maintain close liaison with relevant staff of IFI both in R&D and in relevant RBDs.
  • Liaise with relevant 3rd parties e.g. National Parks and Wildlife Service and other groups as required.



  • Ability to communicate effectively, with the team and external agencies.
  • Ability to work as part of a team e.g. punctuality, flexible approach to duties.
  • Ability to work unsupervised for periods of time.
  • Commitment and self-motivation.
  • Excellent oral, written and numeracy skills.
  • Takes a pro active approach towards the development of self and others.
  • Excellent attention to detail with the ability to spot errors and question information received.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Acts with integrity at all times.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Previous outdoor experience.



  • A primary degree in a relevant area (e.g. aquatic ecology, fisheries, fluvial geography).
  • Circa 5 years’ experience in working at a professional level in a relevant area
  • Project management experience – personnel; funds; workflows; timelines
  • Demonstrable ‘cross-over’ skills in interface area of river ecology/hydromorphology/engineering
  • Demonstrable experience of field survey and data collection in water / outdoors
  • Demonstrable experience in data processing and analysis and in use of statistical packages
  • Demonstrable experience of a high level of proficiency with GIS- and database software
  • Demonstrable self-motivation and flexibility
  • Demonstrable presentation skills, development and delivery of training
  • Demonstrable capacity to network with personnel in other public authorities and the voluntary sector
  • Demonstrable experience in report writing, scientific writing for peer-review journals etc.
  • Full driving licence


The position will require flexibility regarding working hours.

Considerable travelling and residing in locations across Ireland, whilst conducting field work in all weather conditions.


Research Officer – Environmental River Enhancement Programme